Bhuvan KC files complaint at Nepal Film Artists Association against Samragyee


Veteran actor producer Bhuvan KC said that he had not abused actress Samragyee RL Shah, while filing a complaint at Nepal Film Artists Association on Thursday to investigate the allegation against him.

KC has requested for necessary investigation as the actress has tried to assassinate his character by making various false allegations.

Actress Shah had posted a video on Instagram a few days ago saying that she was abused by big banner filmmakers five years ago.

KC had argued on Facebook refuting her video. After this, Shah had taken a stand that she had been abused, through a video.

KC has said that Shah was not abused in the movie ‘Dreams’ which was made five-six years ago. “You could ask the film’s team, if I had abused her or not,” the complaint states.

KC has shown his concern that she has tried to assassinate his character posting videos commenting on his character using social media platforms including YouTube.

“I feel that the entire film industry has been discredited and I request you to investigate and inform the public and the film industry,” he said. He requested the artists’ association to conduct a proper investigation into the allegation.