Dutch artists’ team picks BTS’s Jin as the world’s most perfect male face


KATHMANDU: BTS member Jin has been crowned the as the person with ‘The World’s Most Perfect Male Face’.

The idol was given the title by the Dutch visual arts team Sluis Painting.

According to Koreaboo, Jin had been shortlisted for ‘The World’s Most Perfect Male Face’ on June 10, and was crowned as such on June 19.

The portal goes on to state that according to Sluis Painting celebrities from 43 countries underwent a facial analysis in their search for the most perfect male and female faces in the world. The team reported that they used a combination of modern digital face mapping techniques and mathematical analysis based on facial measurements in order to reach their conclusion.

The top three finalists in the male category were British actor Henry Cavill, Australian actor Jacob Elordi, and BTS’s Jin.

So what makes Jin’s face so perfect?

Sluis Painting analysed the shortlisted faces according to the Golden Ratio, which determines a person’s beauty and attractiveness based on the measurements of their facial features, their positions, and the distances between them. In their final conclusion, the team determined that Jin has an “almost perfect face scientifically”.

Jin’s face is pretty much perfectly symmetrical and ovular, which is a rarity. Sluis Painting went on to say his ears are the perfect size, fitting squarely into the middle third of his face. Plus his eyes are perfectly spaced — the difference between them is the width of one of his eyes, which the golden ratio says is perfect.

Sluis Painting pointed out that the edges of his nose line up exactly with the inner corners of his eyes.

With this Jin joins American actress Anne Hathaway, who was awarded the ‘World’s Most Perfect Female Face’ title. She beat German actress Laura Berlin and French-American actress Roxane Mesquida for the win.

The portal goes on to note that this is not the first time that Jin’s face has been scientifically proven to be perfect. A Czech doll design team CzDollic had analysed 18,000 male faces from 58 countries in 2019, and Jin had come out on top for his facial symmetry, oval features, and beautifully curved mouth.

In 2018, a plastic surgeon had said that out of 269 Asian male faces, Jin matched the golden ratio of 1:1.618 perfectly.